AstroFab Super Modern

AstroFab is the latest Resin 3D Printer with a post-modern customizable design and the latest technology with a built-in HEPA+Carbon filter. Compared to other resin 3D printers in its class, AstroFab’s printing speed is significantly higher.

  • Home & Family

    Besides providing entertainment, AstroFab can be a great learning tool for your children at home. Additionally, with AstroFab you can print sculptures and home decor that will impress all your guests.

  • Colleges / High schools

    AstroFab has a unique and yet widespread application for students at any level. AstroFab’s high quality and speed allows students to enhance their sense of imagination and creativity by turning their ideas into real objects they can see and touch.

  • Architectural offices

    AstroFab’s high resolution and quality as well as premium resins, enables architects to save time and 3D print their design models. The high quality models can be used for presentation to prospective customers and they will impress everyone.

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