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AstroUV Water Washable Clear Green Resin - 550 Grams (1.2 LBs)

AstroUV Water Washable Clear Green Resin - 550 Grams (1.2 LBs)

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AstroFab Water Washable 3D Printer LCD UV-Curing 405 nm Resin with Less Smell 550 Grams (1.2 Lbs).
AstroResin is an affordable resin with less smell, ultra-high precision, and low shrinkage. Astro Resin is offered with a range of dazzling high-quality colors (black, gray, clear green, clear blue, orange, and white) allowing for quick and convenient prototyping for everyday use. Astro Resin is made specifically for LCD MSLA 3D printing to provide stunning colors and quality. Our resin formula has been optimized to be compatible with all LCD masked SLA UV resin printers. Astro Resin is sensitive to 355nm~410nm UV range.


  • Optimized for AstroFab offering better printing quality

  • Specific layer print times and setting varies for different printers

  • Sensitive to 355nm~410nm UV light and compatible with most LCD/DLP 3D printers

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