Essential Printer Accessories for every 3D printing professional

Essential Printer Accessories for Every 3D Printing Professional

If you are a 3D Printing professional, you must know how important Printing accessories are to get the desired results. There are various tools and accessories that are essential for a 3D Print with a perfect finish. Here’s a list of must-have accessories to help you smooth your printing journey.

3D Printing Accessories Every Printing Professional Must Own

Accessories are equipment items that are essential for the efficient and effective use of 3D Printing. From Metal Scraper to Resin Tank, we have listed below some of the most crucial things to help you get the best out of your 3D Printer.

1. HEPA+Carbon Filter

HEPA+Carbon Filter

If you are a 3D Printing professional and use 3D Printers regularly, keeping an extra Filter is always a good idea. 3D printers, during the printing process, emit harmful toxic chemicals and VOCs that, if inhaled, can cause respiratory or cardiovascular disease. The HEPA+Carbon filter reduces those chemicals and traps smells. 

Astrofab’s filter has an H13 HEPA filter on one side for maximum filtration and activated carbon on the other side for maximum filtration. We recommend using a new filter once every month if you print actively!

Watch the below video to know how to install AstroFab 3D Printer’s HEPA+Carbon Filter:

2. FEP Film

FEP Film

FEP is a double-layered transparent sheet installed at the bottom of the printing VAT between the UV screen and the build plate and allows a clear way for the UV light to protect Resin. To keep the print quality at its best, you need to change the FEP film once it is deformed or has signs of wear and tear. 

After overtime use of around 20-30 prints, the film's quality starts to deteriorate, and it could, in turn, affect the print quality. If not changed on time, it could also damage and rupture the printer. With AstroFab’s 2 Pack FEP Film, always keep your printer safe and your print quality at its best!

3. Tools

There are many tools such as screwdrivers that allow you to assemble or remove parts of the Printer or the carving tools that help you give the final touch to the prints. Carving tools come in different shapes and are used to remove the excess filament from the 3D prints to get a high-quality print with fine details. 

4. Metal Scraper

There might be instances where you will find that the final print is stuck to the build plate. That is when you need a metal scraper or a palette knife to remove the print. You just need to out the scraper beneath the print and gently and very carefully lift up the print as you can scratch the FEP film while scraping the print. 

If you don't want to take that risk, you can use plastic scrapers to do the job. Scrapers are an essential 3D printing accessory, and both the metal and plastic scrapers come with every AstroFab Printer Box.  

5. Safety pieces of equipment

3D Printing or additive manufacturing involves working with Resin, and there are many hazards associated with UV Resin. This can include breathing in harmful chemicals/VOCs or skin getting exposed to those chemicals. Most UV resin printers come with an inbuilt filter to filter the toxic chemical. 

Still, to ensure safety, the user must use the safety pieces of equipment to protect themselves against any risk while working near the 3D printers. Therefore, you must wear pieces of PPE such as a safety mask and latex gloves to protect yourself.

Making 3D Printing Easier With The Right Accessories

Astrofab 3D Printer

If you want to have a perfect, smooth finished print with the 3D Printing machine, you need to have the right accessories. Choosing the right accessories will make your printing journey much easier and more enjoyable. 

If you are looking to buy a 3D Printer, or the 3D Printer parts, or 3d printer accessories, look no further and buy the best 3d printers with Astrofab. Our Resin 3D Printers are made with a post-modern customizable design and the latest technology with a built-in HEPA+Carbon filter. 
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