UV-blocking Visor with Vibrant Colors

AstroFab comes with a large vibrant color visor to reduce UV light

HEPA+CARBON Filtered Enclosure

AstroFab’s has a built-in changeable HEPA+carbon filter to reduce odors

AstroFab Slicer Software

AstroFab comes with its own slicing engine/software

2K Monochrome LCD

AstroFab features a 2K 6”
monochrome LCD screen

High Quality Z-axis Rai

Astrofab utilizes a large sliding
rail and a robust design Z-axis

Quick FEP Replacement

AstroFab’s unique FEP assembly, allows you to easily swap out the old FEP

Quiet cooling fan

AstroFab features a Quiet cooling fan so the printer stays much quieter

Build Volume

5.1” (130mm) * 3.14”
(80mm) * 6.5” (165mm)

User interface

2.8" color touchscreen
user interface

AstroFab is the latest Resin 3D Printer

AstroFab has a post-modern customizable design with a built-in HEPA+Carbon filter.